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Risk Management

The central objectives of successful risk management are to minimize payment defaults while maximizing revenues. With these requirements in mind, Better Payment has developed a comprehensive decision engine with the help of external partners and specialized service providers, which helps to prevent fraudulent purchases and thus minimizes payment defaults. The following features are available:

Adress Checks


Score Checks

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Addess Checks

This involves checking the postal spelling of the addresses provided (postcode, town and street).


With this check it is determined whether the specified person, household or building is known in the database or whether the specified person has died according to the database.


Consumer checks in the sense of an extended fraud check, which are carried out with the help of our partners Boniversum and CRIF Bürgel.

This involves a combination of payment comparisons, credit checks and checks for negative features (affidavits, arrest warrants, bankruptcies, collection cases, negative payment experiences) to protect merchants from losses. In cases where there are no negative personal characteristics, score values are returned that represent a probability of payment default for the following twelve months.

Our Decision Engine

With the help of our partners we have built our own decision engine, which can be individually configured and which combines risk management with our receivables management.